About Patrick Maxcy

Born and raised in Florida, Maxcy has always had a love for the arts. At the age of six he began to develop his talents when he started designing t-shirts. Ever since then he has been pursuing his dream of being an artist. Maxcy studied painting at Florida School of the Arts and Florida Atlantic University. While at FAU he also received his teaching certificate and upon graduating began teaching high school art classes.

In addition to painting, Maxcy has become known for his extensive humanitarian work. Partnering with non-profit organizations, Maxcy has been able to help communities in North America, South America and Africa. He has worked with organizations like Love Light & Melody and Light Gives Heat to fight economic instability and poverty in third world countries. With a passion for humanitarian work, Patrick Maxcy uses his art to inspire and raise awareness for some of the world’s most pressing needs.

Humanitarian work has provided Maxcy with the opportunity to share his art with the communities he has provided assistance to. Maxcy traveled to Jinja, Uganda where he was able to paint five separate murals at schools and other building. Maxcy has also used his talents as a painter to raise money for scholarships, cancer patients and ocean conservation. Growing up near the ocean and using it as a source of inspiration for his own work he has teamed up with PangeaSeed to help preserve marine ecosystems.

Nature is a prominent force is Patrick’s paintings. Drawing from his personal experiences and the places he has traveled to, Maxcy highlights nature in the stories he tells. His unique style has captured the attention of the art world.

Maxcy’s work has been featured in publications such as Relevant, Scientific American and World Artist Network as well as numerous live art shows and galleries in the U.S. In 2016, he was chosen as the Guest Artist of the Year for the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards. When Maxcy isn’t traveling he can be found working at his studio in Denver where he currently resides.


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Client List

  • Red Bull
  • Futures Fins
  • BLVR
  • TOMS shoes
  • Ink Monstr
  • Love Light & Melody
  • Ascent Fly Fishing
  • Denver Parks & Rec
  • Ocearch
  • The Whosoevers
  • Dispatch
  • History channel
  • Interpret Studios
  • Simply Jesus Gathering
  • US Humane Society
  • Muhammad Ali Center
  • Nike
  • Jedidiah
  • Become Co
  • Breckenridge Brewery
  • LGHtv  
  • 180 South
  • Christian Surfers Int 
  • Denver Arts & Venues

What others are saying about Patrick Maxcy

It wouldn’t be farfetched to describe Maxcy’s most recent exhibit of pop-surrealist-cum-graffiti-art meditation on animals as brazenly fantastical.
— Sun Sentinel | Miami, Fl
This work is emblematic of a new conversation happening with modern painters and nature. More specifically, how a disappearing nature interacts with the encroachment of the modern world. Ultra-realism is front and center in much of this style, and Maxcy is quite skilled in developing a clear and powerful message that does nothing more than spark a conversation.
— The Bluto, A Denver Art Magazine
Unlike artists who like to disassociate from the common person or else espouse a life of eclectic bohemianism, Patrick strongly believes that his gift was meant to go beyond creating something beautiful or profiting from it monetarily. “We were all given a gift in life, and that gift is best used when shared with others... Helping others, you get back so much more,” he says.
— Huffington Post, Christopher Atamian


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