BreckTrek Touring Art Show

I was recently commissioned by Breckenridge Brewery to create a painting for a touring art show around the US. I created one of my octopus climbing on a beer silo. He is holding Colorado related items (beer, snowboard, axe) all while the Colorado state bird (Lark Bunting) sits on top on him. 

The tour will be stopping at 12 different stops around the country. Each night local restaurant dishes will be paired with Breckenridge beers along with music by the band Paperbirds. For more information on when the tour will be near you please check the website:  BreckBrew

Award & Speech

I recently was contacted by my old high school back in Florida. They started highlighting three people a year that have gone on and been successful in their career.

I'll be flying back to Florida to accept the award and be inducted into their hall of fame. Photojournalist, Shanna Fortier, and Film maker, Matt Katsolis will also be sharing the honor. Funny enough, they are two of my best friends! 

We'll each be speaking to 250+ students and leading our own creative workshops with select high school students. I am very honored to be part of this event. See ya guys soon!

All New Website

It takes me awhile to accept change. My good friend Dave Hansow has told me for over a year to update my old website. I finally broke down and decided it was time. I flew out to Northern California to work on it with him. 

In the past 10+ years I've had at least 5 different art sites before this one. I am very glad I embraced the change. I am extremely pleased with this new website and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

If you are looking for a great designer and all around good person please check out