Ruby Hill Park mural


I was hired from the city of Denver to paint another mural at the Ruby Hill Park pool house in Denver. The Denver Urban Arts Fund and Denver Parks & Rec teamed up with support from the local community to help make this new mural possible.  The mural is a 36ft octopus that wraps around the Ruby Hill Pool House. It was painted in 15hrs over 3 days. It is a continuation of the 36ft jellyfish mural I painted on the other side of the building last year. Happy to see this piece done for the community. 

“I am offering my enthusiastic support for the second mural by Patrick Maxcy at the Ruby Hill Park Pool... Continuing the murals at the pool would be an asset to our community, and I offer my full support for this mural and Patrick Maxcy.”
— Councilman Jolon Clark / District 7 Denver

Thanks to Shanna Fortier for all the photos. -